Manage attachments via ChangeAssurance Portal

Attachments can be previewed and managed on the ChangeAssurance portal before claims are released to the attachment payer. Add attachments to claims that have already been submitted without an attachment through the portal as well.   

Follow the steps below to manage your attachments.  

The following is for Customers on the Change Healthcare clearinghouse.  Customers on the ePS clearinghouse please visit the ePS Claim Attachments Help Articles.

  1. Log in to ChangeAssurance portal with your credentials.

  2. Click on Bill Preview For Submission from the navigation page.

  3. Locate the claim of your choice under Bills.

  4. Use the checkbox(es)to manage which attachments are associated to your claims. 

    You are able to associate an attachment to multiple claims by checking the box next to the claims you wish to associate the attachment with.

  5. Click Attach. Otherwise, click Close if no changes were made.