Download Snapshots

via CMD

What to know about Data Snapshots

  • When sending and sharing Data Snapshots, it is the Auth Rep’s responsibility to ensure they are securely sending the data by adhering to HIPPA rules and regulations. 

  • We highly suggest downloading recurring Data Snapshots daily, as you will NOT be able to recover snapshots from previous days. Data Snapshots reflect real-time data as it appears on the run date.

  • The Snapshots will ONLY be visible after 6:00 AM EDT of the scheduled date.


Data Snapshots can only be downloaded while the account is still Active. Once the account is Closed, you will no longer have access to retrieve the data. Therefore, you must ensure the files are downloaded and stored securely on your server(s) prior to submitting a request to close your account.

After a Data Snapshot have been requested as a one-time or as a recurring service and are available for download, an Auth rep will be able to download the Data Snapshots from within  application or via the CollaborateMD Portal.

Follow the steps below to download a Data Snapshot within the application.

  1. Click on the  icon with your name located in the top right corner of the screen.

  2. Select Download Snapshots.

  3. Locate the Snapshot from the list or use the Search for snapshots field to narrow down your search.

  4. Select the Snapshot.

  5. Once the Data Snapshot window opens, locate the downloaded zip file and choose the application you wish to open it with (e.g., Excel, Notepad, etc.)

via the Self-Service Portal

Data Snapshots that only contain data from one customer account can be downloaded from the CollaborateMD Portal. Once the Data Snapshot is requested, all Auth Reps on your account will receive an internal message via the Messaging section with instructions on how to download the Data Snapshots. 

Follow the steps below to download a Data Snapshot from the Self-Service Portal.

  1. Visit in your web browser.

  2. Enter the Username and Password Received from the CMD Messaging Section.

  3. Click the My Backup Files link.

  4. Within the Backup Archive tab, click the Download Now button next to the snapshot you want to download.

  5. Once saved, locate the file and choose the application you wish to open with (e.g., Excel or Notepad.)