Create the NY Workers Compensation Claim

After you have configured your payer to print the NY Workers compensation form. You are now ready to create and print the actual forms. 

Who can use this feature?

Users with the NY Workers Comp Form permission set to "Allow"

Follow the steps below to create and print your NY Workers Compensation Claim. 

  1. Select Claim > Claim

  2. Create or Search for the claim you wish to print.

    For instructions on how to create a claim please see How to create a Professional Claim or How to create an Institutional Claim Help Articles for more information.

  3. Once the charges and claim details are entered, click on the Charges tab and change the Charge Options dropdown to set all charges to "User Print and Mail."

  4. Click on the Print button. 

  5. Click on the "Save/Print Claim" option to print the claim now.

    Selecting the Save button will only save the claim with the current selections until you’re ready to print it at a later time.

  6. When the Select New Workers Comp Form Type window opens, select the form you wish to print. 

  7. Click on the OK button once you're satisfied with your selection.

  8. After the form opens, you may complete the form by typing information on the form before you print it.

  9. Save the form in a secure location for tracking purposes. 

  10. Once you're done filling out the form click on the Print button to mail it to the insurance company.

For more information or clarification on which form to use, please reference the Workers Compensation Board website.