Create New Patient

  1. Click on the New icon and select New Patient.

  2. Enter the Patient's Demographics.

  3. When satisfied with your changes, click Done.

  4. Next, click on any of the tabs below to enter the applicable information, please remember to click Save when you’re done.

    1. Under Contact Info, select Edit to enter the patient's contact information. Once satisfied with your changes, select Done.

    2. Under Notes, select Edit to enter free-form notes regarding the patient's account. This includes but isn’t limited to patient follow-up calls, when you contact the insurance company, or if the patient has an emergency (e.g., emergency room visit, etc). Once satisfied with your changes, select Done.

    3. Under Alerts, select Edit to create an alert to notify office staff of important information related to a patient. This includes but isn’t limited to reminding staff to collect copays, or alerting the billing department to verify eligibility. Once satisfied with your changes, select Done.

    4. Under Insurance, select  icon and begin entering the Insurance Details. Complete the following:

      1. Select the patient's relationship to the insured. If the patient's relationship to the insured is Self, a window will open asking “Would you like to update insured information based on the patient? All patient demographics and contact information will be copied”, select Update Insured to copy over the demographics or select Don’t Update to prevent any changes from being made to the Insured.

      2. If the insured's contact information is the same as the patient's, select Yes. Otherwise, select No. Please note selecting No will prevent changes from being made to the insured's address.

      3. Enter the insured’s demographics.

      4. Under Address and Contact Info, enter the insured’s information if it’s different than the patients. Note: If you’re unable to modify these fields it’s because the “Same as patient contact information” above is set to Yes. Set to this to No to modify the Address and Contact info for the Insured.

      5. Under Policies, select New Policy and select the patient's policy Priority.

      6. Enter the policy details in the fields provided and click Done when you're finished.

        Note: New insurance carriers cannot be created within CMD2GO. To create a new insurance please log into CollaborateMD.

    5. Under All Appointments, you will find the patient’s complete appointment history. This includes past and future appointments. Note: No records will be found for brand new patient records.