Connect Center Agreements

New Agreement

Some payer agreements may not be available for completion via the CMD application. In the event an agreement cannot be filled out for a particular payer, it needs to be filled out directly through the connect Center website. 

  1. Visit and enter your User ID & Password.

    Your ChangeHealthcare User ID consists of your Submitter # followed by xgear. You can locate your submitter # in the Provider section of the application. e.g., 123456xgear

Agreements MUST be filled out online before you print and mail them. Follow the steps below to fill out a new agreement through Enrollment Central.

  1. Visit ConnectCenter and log in with your credentials. 

  2. Click on Payer Tools > Select Enrollments > Go To Start New Enrollments.

  3. Click New Provider.

  4. Enter the NPI and click Validate.

  5. Click Next and search for the Payer(s) and products you wish to do an enrollment(s) for.

  6. Click on the Agreement you wish to fill out and drag it to the Selected Payers list on the right-hand side. 

  7. After all products are selected, click Next.

  8. Review the  special instructions on the agreement, which are organized by the payer, then select Next.

  9. Answer the general and payer specific questions, then click Next.

  10. To review the forms before submitting, click the PDF icon next to the agreement you want to review.

    Do not print this version of the form. This is a draft of the agreement.

  11. Once the agreements have been reviewed, click Complete.

  12. If any forms need to be mailed to Change Healthcare, a new window will pop up.

    1. Click Generate Forms and select the Print icon.

    2. Click Done.

  13. Once the form(s) has been completed, you may be required to print the agreement and mail / fax it to Change Healthcare.

    Reference the instructions on the cover sheet of the agreement for further instructions on how to submit the agreement to Change Healthcare.

Search Existing Agreement

Follow the steps below to look up a previously submitted payer agreement through Enrollment Central. 

  1. Visit ConnectCenter and log in with your credentials.

  2. Click on Payer Tools > Select Enrollments > Search Submitted Enrollments.

  3. Enter your search parameters and click Search.

    All of your agreements under your submitter number will appear if you don’t enter any search parameters.

  4. Cick the icon next to the agreement you wish to view.

New Payer Connection Request

Unable to locate a connection with a specific payer with CollaborateMD? That might mean Change Healthcare does not have an electronic connection with that payer. 

Getting Started with this Request

  • Before completing this request, please search for the payer and  verify it's not already in CollaborateMD. 

  • You will need to verify the 5 digit Payer ID with the payer to fill out this form. 

  • This form is not a provider EDI enrollment form to submit a transaction to a payer. 

  • New payer connection requests will only be accepted by submitting the New Payer Request Form electronically. All Mailed and faxed forms will be denied. 

  • Only one request per form and only one request per submitter number is necessary. 

To request for Change Healthcare to add an electronic connection for a payer, please follow the steps below.

  1. Visit ConnectCenter and log in with your credentials.

  2. Hover your mouse over Payer Tools and select Payer Search.

    1. Search for the Payer to confirm it's not in Change Healthcare Master Payer List. 

    2. Or, click on the Search button to complete a search for all Payers.

  3. Once you've confirmed that the payer isn't available, click on the New Payer Request Form link.  

  4. When the New Payer Form opens, begin completing the form 

  5. Click Submit.  

Change Healthcare will review and evaluate the request based upon revenue opportunity, potentiality transaction volumes, and the level of effort to implement the requested EDI connection. An "accepted" or "denied" decision will be reached and communicated directly from ChangeHealthcare. Typically they will respond within 2-3 weeks from the date of receipt. If the request is denied a reason for denial will be included.