Claim Attachments

Claim Attachments provide the ability to process Workers Compensation, Property & Casualty, or any claim that requires any additional form electronically with an easy, online attachment. Claim Attachments are accessible anytime, anywhere you need it, and works in conjunction with CMD for a simplified approach to processing all of your claims. It supports attaching documents either in electronic or paper form. 

Attachments are be uploaded through the  ChangeAssurance attachments portal, and the file names are associated with the claim within the CMD application, then sent out.

Claim Attachments must first be enabled within the services section. Please reference our Services Help Article for instructions. 

Who can use this feature?

Users with the Add Professional or Add Institutional Claim permission. 

Users with the Payer and Payer Agreements permission. 

Add Claim Attachment Payers

In order to bill attachment claims, you must add your attachment payers to your personal Payer list. Attachment Payers are created the same way you create any other payer within the Payer Screen. The only difference is that Attachment Payers will always use the same CPID #. If you are submitting professional claims use CPID 5861, and CPID 3657 for institutional claims.

Although all Attachment Payers share the same CPID, the Payer name and Attachment ID are unique. If needed, reference our New Payer Connection Request Help Article for more information. 

Follow the steps below to create an Attachment payer record.   

  1. Select Customer Setup > Payers.

  2. Click the New Payer button. 

  3. A window pops up asking you if you like to configure a Clearinghouse connection for this payer. Click Yes.

  4. Use the Master Payer Search window and enter 5861 as the Professional CPID or 3657 for the Institutional CPID.

    1. Search for your attachment payer by the payer name.

    2. Select the payer

  5. Finish entering the payer’s information and Billing Options.

  6. Click Save.

Agreements for Claim Attachments

After creating your Attachment Payer, an agreement is required to send electronic attachment claims and receive remittances from attachment payers. The agreement will need to be filled out for the CPID number you are using for your Attachment Payer (5861 or 3657.) If you have multiple attachment payers only one agreement per CPID is required.

Please reference our New Payer Agreement Help Article for step-by-step instructions.

You will need the printed copy of the submitted agreement to register your account within the ChangeAssurance Attachments Portal.

Register for ChangeAssurance Attachments Portal Access

The ChangeAssurance Attachment website is where the attachment claims are submitted and then linked to claims required for reimbursement. You must complete the attachment agreement to receive your username and password, which is needed for registration. 

Follow the steps below to register for the ChangeAssurance Attachments Portal. 

  1. Visit

  2. Click Register User.

  3. Complete all required fields, and in the Vendor field populate ‘009207’.

    You will need the printed copy of the submitted agreement to register for a username. You can obtain a copy using the Look Up screen within the Agreements section.

  4. Once completed, click Register.

  5. You’ll receive an email within 48 hours from Change Healthcare with a temporary password that will need to be changed upon the first time logging in. 

Uploading & submitting electronic claims to attachment payers

Once you have added Attachments to your account, Created your Attachment payers, and received confirmation from CollaborateMD ensuring your attachment agreement is finalized, you can begin uploading and submitting your claim attachments. 

Sending attachments requires two steps,

  1. Uploading the files to the Change Assurance Attachment Portal

  2. Associating the file names to the claim, and sending it to the payer.

Uploading attachments via ChangeAssurance Attachment Portal

Before the attachment can be sent to the payer, it needs to be uploaded to the ChangeAssurance Attachment Portal. Documents can be uploaded to the ChangeAssurance Attachment website via Direct Upload or via Fax.

Direct Upload

  1. Login to ChangeAssurance portal with your credentials.

  2. Click Upload Bulk Attachments.

  3. Click on Select File to locate and upload your attachment.

    File names should not exceed 49 characters.  the file extension is not necessary when including the file name in Loop 2300 PWK0f and the file names are not case sensitive.

  4. Click the Upload button to complete the file association to your claim(s). 

Fax Attachments

Users who prefer to fax attachments can print custom fax cover sheets from the Bill Preview for Submission page using the ChangeAssurance portal. You can select multiple bill records and generate multiple fax cover sheets at the same time. Faxed attachments can be reviewed on the ChangeAssurance site once it is received by the clearinghouse. 

  1. Log in to ChangeAssurance portal with your credentials.

  2. Click on Bill Preview For Submission from the navigation page.

  3. Locate the claim of your choice under Bills.

  4. Place a check in the checkbox(es) next to the bill for which you want to generate a cover sheet.

  5. Click on Generate Fax Cover Sheet(s).

  6. ChangeAssurance print preview screen will appear. If correct, click the Print icon.

Claims can be sent to be processed before the attachments are faxed. Claims awaiting the return of a faxed attachment will be set to a Pending or Hold status after 5 days. Once the fax is received, it will be linked to the corresponding claim, then sent to the payer.

Associating the file name and submitting the claim

Attachment claim files are submitted to Change Healthcare Monday – Friday 2:00 pm EST. Claims submitted after 2:00 pm EST will be sent to the portal at the next processing time.

Follow the steps below to upload and submit your claim attachments within CMD.

  1. Select Claim > Claim.

  2. Create your Professional or Institutional claim and ensure your Attachment Payer is added to the claim.

    Please reference our Claims Help Article for step by step instructions.

  3. Under the Claim tab, locate the Attachment File Names section for your attachment Payer.

  1. Click the Select a File button to locate and upload the attachment to the claim (up to 9 files).

  2. Optional: The ACN number can be added with the Additional Info tab, under Documentation Method

  3. Save and Submit the claim.  

Manage attachments via ChangeAssurance Portal

Attachments can be previewed and managed on the ChangeAssurance portal before claims are released to the attachment payer. Add attachments to claims that have already been submitted without an attachment through the portal as well.   

Follow the steps below to manage your attachments. 

  1. Log in to ChangeAssurance portal with your credentials.

  2. Click on Bill Preview For Submission from the navigation page.

  3. Locate the claim of your choice under Bills.

  4. Use the checkbox(es)to manage which attachments are associated to your claims. 

    You are able to associate an attachment to multiple claims by checking the box next to the claims you wish to associate the attachment with.

  5. Click Attach. Otherwise, click Close if no changes were made.