Claim Attachment (Change Healthcare) FAQs

Is an agreement required for each attachment payer?

No, there are only 2 agreements for claims: Professional and Institutional. Please complete the agreement most relevant to your practice.

What is the typical turnaround time once the registration request is made?

The entire enrollment process can take up to 5-7 business days depending on the user. The first notification is delivered within 2 business days.

Can my submitter number have more than one NPI associated to the Tax ID authorized for Change Healthcare Comp Billing?

As long as the NPI’s are authorized to submit claims to the attachment payers for the submitter ID, all attachments and claims, regardless of the billing NPI, can be managed under one username.

Can attachment claims be dropped to paper? If so, what's the cost?

Claim delivery is based on the payers billing requirements. The Claim Type will be denoted within Claim Tracker when tracking the status of submitted claims. Visit our Detailed Pricing on our website for more information.

How long does it take faxed documents to appear on the ChangeAssurance Attachment site?

Faxes can be created as soon as the claim gets on the portal. The claims will be held in a pending status at Change Healthcare for a period of five business days until faxes are received. Reports are sent on a daily basis until the fax is received. The fax number is provided on the fax cover sheet form. Faxes received will be matched to corresponding bills and sent on to the destination payer.

How long does it take claims to be submitted to the CheangeAssurance Attachment site?

Claim files submitted to Change Healthcare are sent Monday-Friday at 1:00 PM CST into the ChangeAssurance Attachment portal site. Claims submitted prior to 1:00 PM CST Monday-Friday will process same day into the portal. Claims submitted after 1:00 PM CST will be sent to the portal in the next processing time. We do not process to the portal on weekends.

If we can't find a payer on the master payer list, should we fill out the same new payer connection request form?

No, simply contact our support team so we can contact EDI to see if a connection can be established. Support will need the payer name, payer ID and payer address in order to research with EDI.

What if the bill has been sent to the payer prior to a second attachment being uploaded?

This is considered an orphan attachment. Best practice is to manually send the attachment to the destination payer. Resending the bill with the second attachment could result in a rejection by Change Healthcare  or the payer as a duplicate bil.

If an attachment is uploaded after 3:00 PM on the 5th day, best practice is to manually send the attachment to the destination payer.

How often are reports sent to communicate the status of the bill and attachment?

Daily or until the bill and/or attachment are sent to destination payer.

How will the destination payer be identified to allow posting of ERA?

The destination payer ID will be returned in the file. (Loop 2010BB REF01 = 2U; REF02 = destination payor ID).