Associating the file name and submitting the claim

The following is for Customers on the Change Healthcare clearinghouse.  Customers on the ePS clearinghouse please visit the ePS Claim Attachments Help Articles.

Attachment claim files are submitted to Change Healthcare Monday – Friday 2:00 pm EST. Claims submitted after 2:00 pm EST will be sent to the portal at the next processing time.

Follow the steps below to upload and submit your claim attachments within CMD.  

  1. Select Claim > Claim.

  2. Create your Professional or Institutional claim and ensure your Attachment Payer is added to the claim.

    Please reference our Claims Help Article for step by step instructions.

  3. Under the Claim tab, locate the Attachment File Names section for your attachment Payer.

  1. Click the Select a File button to locate and upload the attachment to the claim (up to 9 files).

  2. Optional: The ACN number can be added with the Additional Info tab, under Documentation Method

  3. Save and Submit the claim.