Apply a Discount

Claim Payment actions include options like applying discounts, memo lines, and credit or debit adjustments when posting payments.

Who can use this feature? 

  • Users with the Insurance Payment permission.

  • Users with the Debit/Credit permission.

Apply Discount is used to process discount such as a percentage discount, a discount applied to a specific service, etc. For more information on debit codes see the Adjustment Codes Help Page.

Follow the steps below to apply a discount while posting a Patient or an Insurance Payment.

  1. Click the Apply Discount button at the bottom of the screen.

  2.  Click the  icon to select the discount code.

  3. Enter the Discount % and Min. Charge Amount or Check the Discount charge balance to $0.00 to discount the whole balance.

  4. Enter the Received date.

  5. Type a Memo and/or a Credit Memo.

  6. Click Done, then click Done again to save the payment.