Add Claim Attachment Payers

In order to bill attachment claims, you must add your attachment payers to your personal Payer list. Attachment Payers are created the same way you create any other payer within the Payer Screen. The only difference is that Attachment Payers will always use the same CPID #. If you are submitting professional claims use CPID 5861, and CPID 3657 for institutional claims.

Although all Attachment Payers share the same CPID, the Payer name and Attachment ID are unique. If needed, reference our New Payer Connection Request Help Article for more information. 

Follow the steps below to create an Attachment payer record.   

The following is for Customers on the Change Healthcare clearinghouse.  Customers on the ePS clearinghouse please visit the ePS Claim Attachments Help Articles.

  1. Select Customer Setup > Payers.

  2. Click the New Payer button. 

  3. A window pops up asking you if you like to configure a Clearinghouse connection for this payer. Click Yes.

  4. Use the Master Payer Search window and enter 5861 as the Professional CPID or 3657 for the Institutional CPID.

    1. Search for your attachment payer by the payer name.

    2. Select the payer

  5. Finish entering the payer’s information and Billing Options.

  6. Click Save.