Add a Facility

Follow the steps below to add a new Facility.

  1. Select Customer Setup > Facilities

  2. Click the New Facility button. 

  3. Type the Facility Name.

  4. Add the facility's NPI number. Or click theto search the NPPES NPI Registry for all NPI records of Health Providers.

    1. When the NPI Registry window opens, select the NPI Type.

    2. Enter your search criteria and click Search.

      Searching with a partial name or are unsure of the spelling? It must be followed by an asterisk * 

      Failure to add the wildcard (*) will result in the registry only searching for an exact match and may not pull up the record you are searching for. (i.e., When searching for “James Jones”” type in “Jame*” in the first name field and “Jon*” in the last name field so it pulls up all records that include “Jame” and “Jon” in the first/last name).

    3. A window will open displaying the NPI numbers that match your search results. 

    4. Select the NPI you would like to add. 

  5. Enter the Taxonomy Specialty that defines the Facility's area of specialization. Or click the to select one from the list.

  6. Enter the facility Contact Information (e.g., Street Address, City, State, Zip Code etc). and any applicable ID Numbers (e.g., Tax ID, CLIA, etc) for the facility by referencing the Facility Field Descriptions below.
  7. Set the Claim Defaults for Place of Service.

  8. Click Save.