101+ Enhancements in 2020

Unfortunately, we don’t have 101 dalmatians, but we do have 101+ version 10 (v10) enhancements. In 2020, we made over 166 unique updates to improve our software in support of your business needs.

We are dedicated to listening to the voice of our customers and are proud to say that these enhancements originated from ideas and suggestions on Idea Exchange and through our Submit Feedback feature. Take a look at all of the upgrades we were able to implement throughout the application.

6 Major Enhancements

  • Appointment Waiting List:

    • Have a completely booked appointment schedule and a backlog of patient's requesting an appointment? That’s great news!! Even better, instead of writing that appointment down on a sticky note and hoping you remember, you can now add this appointment to your Wait List. If a scheduled patient calls to cancel or reschedule, you will be notified of any appointments on your waitlist that can fill the open slot, which means your time is maximized and you can see more patients!

      Want to learn more? Reference our Manage Waiting List Help Articles.

  • Global Period Alerts:

    • A Global Period applies to specific procedure codes, typically surgery codes. These procedure codes have a follow-up period during which charges for normal post-operative care are bundled into the global surgery fee. If you save a new claim with a Date Of Service (DOS) that falls within the follow up period (i.e. Global Period) of a code on a previously created claim, the Global Period Alert will appear.

      Interested in using global period alerts? Visit our Adding a Global Period Alert Help Article to try it out yourself.

  • New Activity Report Permission:

    • You asked, and we listened. We want you to have more control of your account. So we added a new permission that controls which users have access to the patient Activity Screen. Because your patient’s data is important, you should get to edit who can view their information.

      Want to learn how to edit a user’s permissions? Reference our Update a User’s Permissions Help Article.

  • Report Permission Improvements:

    • We realize that not all staff are the same, and they may need more access or restricted access to certain reports. We have made it even easier now to manage which users have access to which report with a  new permission level.

      Unsure how to grant individual report access? Give our Edit User Access to Reports Help Article a look.

  • Co-Pay Workflow Improvements: 

    • We know that collecting patient co-pays is an integral part of your revenue cycle. We are here to help you streamline and organize how your office collects and posts patient payments, so that the correct amount  is always posted to the related claim. This is where Unapplied Copay Credits come in handy.

      Want to improve your workflow for payment collection? Take a look at the Unapplied Copay Credits Help Articles to learn more.

  • Report an Issue:

    • Report an Issue provides a quick and easy way to create a Support Case. Once created, Our World Class Support Team will respond to your case within 24 - 48 business hours.

      Want to learn how to use this feature? Reference our Report an Issue Help Article.


  • Do you have appointment types or statues that you use more often than others? Take control and customize the order in which they display within the application. Save time when creating or editing appointments by displaying the appointment types and statuses in the order that is most efficient for you!

  • For all those out there using touch screen monitors, this one’s for you. We added an appointment setting that allows you to disable the appointment Drag and Drop feature. No more unintended appointment moves.  

  • Everyone needs a little wiggle room. We've updated the appointment comment field to automatically adjust in size based on the amount of text in the box.

  • A new appointment setting disables the alert message that displays if an appointment on your waiting list can be scheduled in an opening due to an appointment cancellation or reschedule.

  • New columns to the scheduler search allow you to view patient contact info as well as the last user to modify or delete an appointment.

  • Nobody has time to remove all of their search filters one by one. Quickly clear your filters with the click of a button. Speaking of saving time, we’ve added the ability to create recurring appointment blocks. Right click on an existing block and select Copy Block to define how often it should recur.


  • We made it easier to identify claims from the Claim Follow Up Management screen by adding new columns that displays the claim type, Professional or Institutional.

  • Now you’ll be able to view the rendering provider and referring provider columns within the “Claim Recently Opened” table, and the “Claim Status Control” screen. We didn’t stop there though, we also added a claim entered date column. The more the merrier. 

  • A new warning to the claim section when creating a claim for a patient whose account type is set to Collections. 

  • Unsure of the description of a code you have on a claim? Instead of looking up the code in the code section, simply hover your mouse over the code to quickly view the code description.  

  • We have made it easier to track payer rejections and denials from the Claim Tracker. We added a new search filter that allows you to search for Front-end edits, Back-end Edits or both. Save time, and quickly view the information you need to see.

  • Copy and cut values from the diagnosis fields within the Claim Charge screen. 

  • We all make mistakes. If you accidentally  save a new claim with an inactive rendering or billing provider, an alert message will pop up and let you know. 

  • Want to see more information regarding a claim your viewing in Claim Tracker? We gave you a new right click option to view the clearinghouse SF report.  

  • It’s all about location location location. We added the Expected Payment info side panel from the Claim Follow Up Management screen to the Claim screen.

  • You can now specifically search for clearinghouse reports from the Claim Tracker screen. Saving yourself time, one clearinghouse report at time.

  • The more automation the better. The system will automatically add a new charge line after adding the service date for the line above.  

  • We’ve made it easier to move between claims in the Claim Follow-Up Management screen by adding next and back buttons. A little less clicks, a lot more action.

  • Multitasking is king. You now have the ability to search for multiple charge statuses at the same time in the Claim Follow-Up Management section.  

  • A new warning to the MPFS window will alert you if a code is not covered by Medicare. 

  • A Patient Recall Date was added to the Claim Summary Area. All of the right fields, where you need them most. 

  • Defaults for the win! We added the ability to default the charge narrative notes based on the procedure code.

Customer Setup

  • Expanded the recently opened lists from 5 to 10 entries for the Payer, Procedure and Diagnosis codes. 

  •  We added a Phone # column to the Facility recently opened window. We know you want to see those digits!

  • Have a payer that requires you to send an alternate practice address for the pay to or mailing address? You got it! We added a payer option that allows you to select which address to overwrite for a payer.  

  • When adding a referring provider via the NPI registry you can now choose if you want to copy over the NPI or all of the provider's information. 

  • We hope you still like new columns. We added the Payer Type as a column to the payer recently opened window.

  •  Payer agreements can be a pain, but we know you need to get paid! We made completing payer agreements a little easier by providing you with a quick way to use the group NPI or individual NPI on the agreement. 

  • If you’ve enabled automated or enhanced statements but haven’t configured the actual statement yet, you will now see an on screen alert letting you know you need to edit the template. 

  • Calling all Billing Service Users. We have added an alert to warn you if you are creating a provider under your Billing Service Customer. We hope this saves you time and a headache!


  • Who doesn’t like a good time-saving shortcut? You now have the option when switching customers to open the claim or patient. This will take you right to the claim or patient you used to search the customer by.

  • We made some improvements to the tasks section. Any user can now assign a task to another user regardless of their permission level. Teamwork makes the dream work. 

  • You shouldn’t have to do your own math. So we asked Development to add in auto-calculation to all of our tables and reports. Just highlight the cells and let the system take it from there. 

  • Our application is smarter than ever. It now remembers all of your user’s expand/collapse state of the navigation panel and column order.  

  • We wanted to make it easier for you to navigate between your messages, so we added a next and back button. Thank you, next. 

  • In order to save you some time, we added a copy button to our messages section. With just one click you can copy the entire message contents to your clipboard. 

  • When selecting a user to assign a task or send a message to, the system will auto-complete their username as you type it out.  Auto-complete, you complete me. 

  • We’ve updated the advanced search options for the Scheduler, Messages, Tasks and Documents to remember their filter options after searching. That way you can quickly modify one or two filters instead of re-entering all of the filters.

  • We hope you love to save time because we added keyboard shortcuts throughout the application.

  • Application Co-Branding is a service provided by CollaborateMD that will help you promote your business in a unique way. Represent your company visually throughout the application and on (excel) reports by adding your business logo. Application Co-branding can help you build and enhance your brand loyalty as well as extend your reach into other markets to increase your sales.

  • We updated our Data Snapshot requirements so that now Admins can download the snapshot for customers they have access to.  

  • Added the ability to change the sorting order of documents found in the Patient and Claim screen.  

  • We added a column to the Messages section that displays the message recipients.

  • Now you can quickly copy all Patient, Claim, Payment or Appointment settings to another customer with the click of one button. 

  • Setting up a new customer is a breeze with the New Customer checklist. Do you have questions about what information to start with or records to create? The new customer checklist answers all of those questions and more.


  • We understand that quick visibility is very important, so we’ve updated the wording of insurance payments within the Activity Report to state if they were applied as an EOB or ERA.

  • We also made it easier to filter the Activity Report based on the Payer listed on the claim.

  • The Last enhancement we made to the Activity report was the addition of summary graphs and the ability to filter based on the claim or debit DOS. 

  • We made a lot of edits to the Patient Ledger and Info Sheet. We added a high level summary items that break down outstanding balances from claims and payment plans along with credit and refund amounts. Take advantage of more  filtering options that give you greater control on what is included in the printout such as appointment, claim, payments and outstanding balance info.  

  • We updated the Account Summary side panel to display the patient's name when extended. 

  • Batch actions are the best actions, so we added the ability to apply a discount code to multiple charges from the AR Control screen. Don’t forget to try our new search to filter charges based on the payer.   

  • You can save and load filters when using the Manage Account screen.

  • We added a new option that excludes certain claims when updating claims after making a change to a patient’s insurance information.

  • We’re all about efficiency. We added an “Open Patient” right click option in the Statement Batch Printing screen so it’s right at your fingertips.

  • Consistency is key, so we added a search button next to the patient search field to remain consistent with other screens in the application.


  • We updated the the EOB report to show the Medicare Beneficiary ID (MBI).

  • We added the ability to override the ERA check date for multiple ERAs as they are applied, so you can do more, in less time.

  • Update the application to remember payment auto-calculation setting between sessions. 

  • We’ve added the patient account number to the Post Payment screen when posting a payment manually. 

  • We added the ability to open multiple patients or insurance checks at the same time.  

  • ERA troubleshooting just got even easier, when hovering over a charge that was not sent on the ERA, it will provide an explanation as to why you can’t edit it. 

  • A new Payment setting controls if the Copay DOS field should automatically populate when posting a patient co-payment.

  • Still excited about all of these updates?? Here are 4 more. We added 4 new columns to tables throughout the payment section.


  • Everyone loves charts, so we added the ability to add charts when printing or exporting custom reports.

  • Order up! We programmed the application to remember the order of the columns when printing or exporting a report. 

  • Select all of the options! We updated the Appointment status and Types fields when used as filters to support multi-selection. 

  • The Appointment ID field when used as a column allows users to directly open the appointment when clicking on the ID number. 

  • We added a drill through capability to the A/R Aging dashboard gadget that opens a new standard report. Charge Aging Report.    

  • The more fields the merrier, so we added 7 new report fields.

  • Having friends is nice, so we gave the Standard A/R Aging Summary a new Co-Display to be it’s new friend.

  • We gave the Standard Activity Summary report a makeover! You can now track Insurance and Patient Payments as well as adjustments all in one report.


  • You can access the power of CMD reporting even from outside of the application! Take advantage of our WebAPI to send requests to CMD to run any custom report of your choosing through the interface. 

  • The internet is an awesome thing! Through our WebAPI you can auto-retrieve your Snapshot. Reference our WebAPI documentation for more info.